About us

Paraph Development is the trading name for Paraph Group Pty Ltd which is a Queensland based building and development company specialising in custom homes. Its style has been defined by quality, unique and beautiful builds which stand out against the monotony of mass-built properties.

Each Paraph home is designed with an emphasis on creating a balance of beauty and ease of living, whilst blending into surrounding environment. Modern appliances and technology, quality finishes and extra touches to give each house a sense of style are part of the specifications. Along with the unique atheistic of each structure we prioritise quality and durability. Our designs also consider the functionality of the home.

Our view is that the true mark of a good home is its ability to maintain its style and class over time. You may not notice the thought in our homes at first glance, but as you live in the home you’ll notice the consideration of daily living essentials e.g. flow of spaces and ease of use. We build houses that are homes.

In addition to custom builds, Paraph Development works in the commercial construction space. We oversee the construction of structures that are tailored for specific commercial purposes. This includes anything from general workshops through to sheds designed to protect industry assets.

Our founders have decades of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Their experience ranges from the construction of custom builds and multi-storey complexes, through to working on billion dollar construction projects. Drawing on this experience, Paraph Development has developed an approach to construction based on outcomes which are sustainable and contribute to the local economy. We pride ourselves on our ability to support local jobs and local businesses.

Paraph Development is not available for private contracts as we develop our own Projects. On completion, each of our products is released to the market.

If you would like to know more about Paraph Development or our builds, please contact us at enquiries@paraphgroup.com.au.